Clan Stewart
  • Number: 72009
  • Class: BR Standard 6P Clan
  • Designer: Robert Riddles
  • Builder: BR Crewe Works
  • Built: 1952
  • Configuration: 4-6-2 Pacific
  • Power Classification: 6P

Clan Stewart is a Standard Class 6 Pacific that sometimes visits Copley Hill.


Stewart was built in 1952 at BR Crewe Works. He was based at Carlisle all his life, but he did often visit Copley Hill. In 1953, he was the engine pulling the Midday Express that was almost hit by a runaway railroad car. Several years later, in 1958, Nigel was placed on the Out of Use line by Gronk. The engines thought he was being sent for scrap, but in reality, he was placed there as the Out of Use was close enough to the main line for Stewart to place him on his goods train and take him to the Works at Ardsley.


Stewart is based on the real No. 72009 Clan Stewart, a BR Standard Class 6P 4-6-2 Pacific Type.


Stewart is painted in lined BR brunswick green.




  • Clan Stewart's model is a modified BR Standard 7 Britannia 4-6-2 Pacific model.


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