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  • Great Western Glory Front Cover
    Great Western Glory

    Author: Simon A. C. Martin

    Great Western Gloryis the upcoming second book in The British Railway Stories. It was expected to be released in Autumn 2019.


    When visiting an old Great Western goodsyard Stanley finds a 4000 Star Class named Princess Charlotte, who tells him about the days of the Great Western during the Second World War. The book shall follow the exploits of her, 4073 Castle Class Spitfire (formerly Clifford Castle) and 6000 King Class King George VI, three GWR 4-6-0 locomotives.

    The book was planned to be published in 2015, but has been put on hold, mainly due to writing reasons. As of March 25th 2018, Simon Martin has said in an interview on YouTube that it has been fully written and Dean Walker is working on the illustrations. In another post on twitter, he has said that it should be released in Autumn 2019. The book will be available first as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle and then in hardbacks at preserved railways around the United Kingdom.


    Hawk may also appear since he's also from the GWR.

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