• Number: 61553 (formerly 1553 and 8553)
  • Class: Great Eastern Railway Class S69/LNER Class B12/3
  • Designer: Stephen Holden
  • Builder: William Beardmore and Company, Glasgow
  • Built: 1920
  • Configuration: 4-6-0
  • Dispotion: Scrapped, 1958 Stratford UK

Harry is a GER Class S69 later LNER Class B12 who used to live at Norwich Thorpe.


Harry was built at William Beardmore and Company in 1920 in Glasgow, Scotland. He was based at Norwich Thorpe for most of his life, but was sent away during the Second World War. He was sent to work on the hospital trains, but on those duties, something happened that turned Harry into an angry and foul-tempered engine.

In 1957, his brother, Stephen, was at Norwich Thorpe, trying to persuade him that the end of steam was coming. At first, Harry appeared to be in denial about it, but then when Stephen told him that he should get ready for the end, he angrily said that he had been ready for the end for years, ever since the end of the war. Harry then told Stephen to remember him, before telling his younger brother to leave him in peace, as he wanted to rest.

Harry was cut up and scrapped at Stratford works in August of 1958 the following year, along with nearly every other member of his class, the only exception being Stephen.


Stephen (brother, preserved)

The Unnamed D16 (scrapped)


Harry was originally a nice and quiet engine, but after working on the hospital trains during WWII, he turned into a constantly angry and foul-tempered engine.


Like Stephen, Harry is based on a real GER Class S69 later LNER Class B12 4-6-0, No. 61553. Stephen and Thompson are other Class B 4-6-0s.


In real life Harry wore the royal blue with red, yellow, and black lining livery of the Great Eastern Railway from 1920 to 1923. Next, he was repainted into the apple green livery of the London & North Eastern Railway. Then, he was repainted into the LNER WWII black livery during the war, before being repainted back into apple green at the end of the war. He would have been repainted into BR lined black at some point after 1948.




  • Harry was created by Jamie Goddard for the British Railway Series Character Competition. His entry came in 2nd place.
  • His model was used from Stephen's 61553 model Ep 10-17.


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