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Simon Martin


Simon Martin


Simon Martin


Simon Martin

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December 24th 2008

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"Suburban Tank" is the 13th episode of The British Railway Series: The End of the LNER.


With Gronk and Hawk now working in the yard, Nigel is running the suburban passenger trains around Leeds. He is very popular with the children, and he enjoys the runs. However, when winter approaches and the snow gets thicker, Nigel begins to struggle with being on time.

One day, Nigel is leaving the yard for his afternoon train when he abruptly stops. His driver soon finds the problem: his cylinder is leaking. Nigel attempts to do the run anyway, but the stress on his boiler and cylinders get too severe, and just as he reaches his last stop, he finds that he can't go any further. Soon, Herbert arrives to take the train, and Nigel limps home alone.

Back at the yard, the engines decide not to fuss about Nigel, as they know that he doesn't like it. Meanwhile, Herbert is asked to take Nigel's trains whilst he is being examined. Herbert enjoys the run into Leeds, but he doesn't like stopping so much. When he returns to the shed, he tells Nigel that he will probably be sent to Ardsley, as that is where most of the engines are repaired, but Nigel and his crew decide to repair him at Copley Hill.

Nigel is shunted into the shed by 1 of the shunters, who believes that it is a waste of time. During the night, Nigel is repaired and cleaned, and he restarts work next morning. He is pleased to run his suburban trains again, but his condition is becoming worse and worse during each trip away from the yard...



  • This is the only time Allen does not appear in an episode.


  • Snow is actually inside the shed at Copley Hill.
  • Tornado appears in a 1953 set episode however he was built 2008. He is also for the first time shown in Copley Hill Sheds!


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