Tale of the Tay


Simon Martin


Simon Martin


Simon Martin


Simon Martin

Air date

N/A (unaired)

"Tale of the Tay" is a currently cancelled , but possible upcoming episode of The British Railway Series


Tavish, annoyed by the fact that all of his attempts at telling stories are interrupted (he tried to tell the story of Fowler's Ghost in the previous episode, only to be interrupted by Stephen), goes to the Dundee Tay Bridge MPD in 1960 to tell the other engines there the tale of the tragic Tay bridge collapse on December 28, 1879.



  • This episode was intended to be Episode 18, but Simon Martin instead filmed The Last Run to make a proper closure to the series before the relaunch.
  • Simon Martin explained in a response to a YouTube user that while the episode hadn't been filmed, it still exists as a script and may be used at some point during the relaunched series.
  • This episode was due to mark Clan Stewart's first speaking role.
  • Should the episode would have aired, then a further 12 episodes will be made and the series would have reached 30 episodes.
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