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Cock o the north
Cock O' the North
  • Number: 2001 (later 501 and 60501)
  • Class: LNER Gresley P2 Mikado, later LNER Thompson A2/2
  • Designer: Sir Nigel Gresley, rebuilt by Edward Thompson
  • Builder: Doncaster Works
  • Built: 1934
  • Configuration: 2-8-2, later 4-6-2
  • Dispotion: Scrapped

The Chief (real name Cock O' the North) is an upcoming Gresley P2 Pacific who will be introduced in Gresley's Goliaths.


The Chief is based on the prototype LNER Gresley P2 2-8-2 locomotive, No. 2001 Cock O' the North. The entire class was rebuilt between 1943 and 1944 by Edward Thompson and was reclassified as the A2/2 4-6-2.


The Chief is painted in LNER apple green livery.



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