Hamilton is a 4-4-0 tender engine that was stored in Leeds Central and later used as a stationary boiler in Stratford.

  • Number: 62536
  • Class: GER D14 "Claude Hamilton/LNER D16/3 "Super Claude"
  • Designer: James Holden
  • Builder: Stratford Works
  • Built: 1903
  • Configuration: 4-4-0
  • Disposition: Scrapped


Not much is known about Hamilton. In 1959, he was based at Copley Hill, where he witnessed Stephen's furious outburst about the end of the steam era. By 1964, he was being used as a stationary boiler at Stratford Works. He told Stephen that his own fate had to be much worse than scrappage.


Hamilton is based on a GER S16 later LNER Class D16 'Claud Hamilton' 4-4-0 American. All 121 engines, including the D16s that were still in Stratford, were withdrawn and scrapped from 1945 to 1960. His number appears to be 62536, which was a "Claude Hamilton" 4-4-0 built in 1903, later rebuilt to a D16/3 in 1936, and was eventually scrapped with the rest of its class by 1959.

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  • Hamilton's model was modified from an old Hornby Railway B12 model.
  • Hamilton is the first Class D 4-4-0 American introduced in the series.


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