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Tornado and the Last Run to the Cross
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Simon Martin


Simon Martin


Simon Martin


Simon Martin

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N/A (unaired)

Tornado and the Last Run to the Cross was scheduled to be the final episode of The British Railway Series: The End Of the LNER until the series relaunch left it unmade.


It has been confirmed that it had elements of the Last Run with Allen sitting alone in Hughes Bolckow scrapyard, talking to the audience about how he remembers his life. Then following more scenes, the End of steam was shown. And it was revealed that non of Alllen's brothers or himself were preserved. However Tornado would be introduced and the narrator would say "steam had not ceased living yet". The final part would have likely shown Stephen in the museum signalling the start of Tale of the Unnamed Engine.



  • Very little is known about this episode, but the old BRWS site implied that it would feature every single BRWS character featured so far.
  • This episode could have marked Tornado's first speaking role.
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