• Number: 69022
  • Class: North Eastern Railway Class E1/LNER Class J72
  • Designer: Wilson Worsdell (Original)
  • Builder: Darlington Works
  • Built: 1951
  • Configuration: 0-6-0T (Six Coupled)
  • Disposition: Preserved

Wensley is an NER Class E1/LNER Class J72 tank engine who on one occasion visited Copley Hill.


Wensley was built by Darlington Works in 1951, and he was sent to work at Leeds Central some time afterwards. Wensley came to Copley Hill in 1959 to shunt the trains after Geoffrey failed. He attempted to pass himself off as one of the original North Eastern Railway J72s, but he was forced to admit he is a British Railways built engine by Charlotte. His confession surprised Allen, as this meant he was younger than him. Wensley then told the other engines about Alf, the first preserved steam engine, and that evening, he left the yard.


Wensley is a friendly engine, but he does like to try and kept lying that he's an original North Eastern Railway engine, because he's a British Railways built engine.


Wensley is based on a LNER J72 0-6-0T (also known as NER Class E1 before grouping). This class was built in several batches from 1898 to 1951. BR gave them the power classification 2F. 113 were produced and only one Wensley survives today.


Wensley is painted in the unlined BR black livery.




  • Wensley was created by Tom Foster for the British Railway Series Character Contest. His entry came in 3rd place.


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